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  1. Well, it's back to training tonight after what seems like a pretty long Christmas and new year break!  Looking foward to a good turnout, we are definitely ready for the challenge to get us back up to the top end of the fitness scale.  Looking forward to the year ahead - 2014 is going to be an absolutely wicked year! 

  2. A fantastic end to the year was had by the first team.  After being 2 goals down in the first quarter to Elevation, players put everything they had into the game and turned it around to finish 13 ahead. Well thought out movements and inspirational play all round left the team feeling on a high, the celebration in the local inn afterwards wasn't too bad either. The seconds fought a hard and very controlled game, but were denied victory against a Airboune 3. Despite the loose, team spirit was high and are looking forward to their next match in 2014!

  3. 7th December has been a good day.  The firsts stepped up their afternoon game after falling everyso slightly behind in the second and third quarters. They fought to the bitter end, resulting in 25 goals for both sides against Doves 2 . . . a draw, now that doesn't happen very often! It was an early start for the seconds who put out a determined team.   Players were thrilled that their hard work payed off in a game that resulted in a very convincing win, 25/9 against Frampton 2.  Keep up the good work ONC!